Introduction to Seasonal Flu Vaccination for HCPs Webinar

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    The theory and practice of seasonal flu vaccination: an interactive study day for those new to flu vaccination. This course meets the UKHSA Minimum Standards for Immunisation training (2018). This course is for registered HCPs only.

    This is a 1 day interactive webinar run via Zoom. This course is for those who will ONLY be giving seasonal flu vaccines. If you are going to be giving other vaccines you will need to book the ‘Introduction to Immunisation & Vaccination’ course instead.

    Course Content

    • Aims of immunisation: national policy and schedules
    • The immune system and how vaccines work
    • Vaccine preventable diseases – influenza
    • The different types of vaccines used and their composition
    • Current issues and controversies regarding flu immunisation
    • Communicating with patients and parents
    • Legal aspects of vaccination
    • Storage and handling of vaccines
    • Correct administration of vaccines
    • Anaphylaxis and adverse events
    • Documentation, record keeping and reporting
    • Strategies for improving uptake rates
    • New developments
    • Personal and professional development

    This programme is based on the UKHSA National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training, guidance of professional bodies and the Department of Health ‘Immunisation against Infectious Disease’ 2006 (‘Green Book’) online and UKHSA update letters.

    Please note that all delegates MUST complete pre-course e-learning which will emailed to them prior to the course.

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