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    An interactive and engaging approach to delivering a live streamed training session via Zoom, with the opportunity to ask questions.

    This Travel Health Update is intended for nurses who have experience carrying out travel health consultations and who wish to update their knowledge and skills, meeting the requirement for an annual travel health update (RCN 2018 Competencies: Travel health nursing: career and competence development| Royal College of Nursing page 23 point 6).

    It covers many topics including: Covid-19: how to advise your traveller, an update on travel vaccines, malaria, professional issues and the latest developments in travel health.

    Course Content

    • What’s new in travel medicine?
    • Covid-19:
    • How to advise travellers during the pandemic?
    • Identifying high risk traveller/travel
    • Revised risk assessment process
    • Measles & travel
    • Provision of an NHS travel health service
    • Malaria update
    • Other risks
    • Dengue & zika
    • Travel vaccine update
    • Problems encountered in practice Q&A
    • Which are the best resources to use?
    • How to stay up to date

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