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Essential Criteria for Cervical Screening Programmes

Essential Criteria for Cervical Screening Programmes

Two cervical cancer nurses

  • Access to >80% of the target population
  • High quality training leading to well trained professionals
  • High quality cervical sample taking
  • High quality laboratory analysis
  • Evidence-based, high quality treatment and clinical management strategies
  • Efficient fail-safe systems for all elements of the pathway.


Who is Screened?

Recommended screening intervals

Age Group (years) Frequency of screening
25 First invitation
25 - 49 3 yearly
50 - 65 5 yearly
65 + Only screen those whose last 3 tests included an abnormal result, or women who have never been screened and request a test.

When NOT to Screen?

  • If the woman has not been invited to have a test
  • If the woman is under 25 (Click here for Guidelines for Women <25 with Abnormal Bleeding)
  • When not sexually active
  • If actively bleeding
  • If pregnant AND has a history of normal smears
  • Post hysterectomy for benign conditions
  • As indicated on the cytology reports

Which of the following women are eligible for a cervical screening test?

Selection of womens faces

A 21 year old woman who has had several episodes of post-coital bleeding A 45 year old woman who is three years overdue for her test A 52 year old woman whose sister has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer A 30 year old woman who had a normal test last year, but has developed abnormal bleeding A 27 year old woman who has been treated for herpes and chlamydia recently


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