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Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently only able to offer
An Introduction to Ear Irrigation, An Introduction to Phlebotomy and An Introduction to Immunisation and Vaccination as face to face training.
Please try our Webinars instead and follow our Facebook page for all the latest updates

Welcome to our new website

New beginnings

I spent a wonderful day last Thursday, resplendent in my gown and mortarboard, for my graduation at Peterborough Cathedral. It was a day I will cherish and which made all those hours of study and anguish over completing assignments so worthwhile. It was also a day shared by friends and family to celebrate the culmination of all their hours of support and encouragement.

Penny's medical and healthcare education graduationIn his speech during the graduation ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University proposed that we should see this as a springboard to new beginnings, a fresh start – something which was particularly pertinent to me, having spent the previous few days closing down one business and preparing to open a new one over the following days.

Although devastated at having to close the door on a business built up over the past two years, I have been overwhelmed by the support and feedback I have received from so many clients, colleagues and practice managers and this, along with the wonderful atmosphere at the graduation ceremony, has motivated me to close the door on that chapter and start afresh with this new one.

I would like to welcome you all to Primary Care CPD Ltd and hope that you will share in its journey. I intend to continue providing you all with the high quality, evidence based and up to date training that you all deserve. Thanks to the support of my family, my administration assistant Lucy, an extremely dedicated web-designer and some very dear friends, all the new training dates are up and running and bookings can be made direct through the new website. You can of course still request booking forms by email if you prefer.

Whilst still trying to get to grips with the loss of PCTs and the formation of the new Commissioning Group structures, let alone the process of CQC registration and the threat of impending inspections, the government have also introduced a whole host of changes to the National Immunisation Schedules which you have all had to try and absorb.

I hope to keep you up to date with all these frequent changes through regular blogs on the website which you can follow and comment on if you register with the site. There will be links to as many of the pertinent documents, professional letters and webpages as I can find to help you keep abreast of any changes. You can also email or phone me with any queries and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

New beginnings…..

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