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    A review of the theory and practice of immunisation for those healthcare professionals currently immunising or advising on immunisation in their workplace.

    Covers routine adult immunisations – pneumococcal, shingles, pertussis for pregnant women and tetanus as well as reviewing the annual flu vaccine programme for both adults and children.

    Meets the UKHSA recommendations for immunisers annual update.

    Please note that those immunisers also doing the routine childhood vaccines will also need to book onto the Healthcare Professional Childhood Immunisations Update Webinar.

    Course Content

    This 4 hour webinar covers the medicines management type content required in the annual update – consent, PGDs/PSDs, cold chain, safe and appropriate administration of vaccines etc as well as the adult vaccines – flu (*), pneumococcal, shingles, pertussis for pregnant women, tetanus and COVID-19.

    We are aware that some immunisers give nasal flu vaccine but no other childhood vaccines so we will cover BOTH adult and childhood flu vaccines in this webinar.


    • Consent
    • Appropriate use of PGDs and PSDs
    • Maintaining the cold chain
    • Safe and appropriate administration of vaccines
    • Review of both the routine and “at risk” adult vaccination programmes, recommended cohorts and vaccine uptake, including:
    • Annual influenza vaccination 2024/25
    • Shingles vaccination
    • Pneumococcal vaccination
    • Pertussis for pregnant women
    • COVID-19 vaccination
    • Tetanus vaccination – recommended schedules and guidelines for managing tetanus-prone injuries
    • Q & A session

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